What Is A Zero-Gravity Adjustable Bed?

After the stress and exhaustion of working and being on your feet all day, there’s nothing better than going home, relaxing in the comfort of your own bed and getting a good night sleep to recuperate. Adjustable beds have many features to offer that can help you achieve that good night’s rest. One of the best new options is the zero-gravity bed, which enables you to have a deep sound sleep. 

So let us talk about what this exactly means. Zero-gravity was developed by NASA. It is a feeling or a state wherein you feel weightless. NASA founded this because this helps astronauts ease stress with their bodies as they leave the earth gravity. Therefore, you get in this position by lying flat on your back, and raise your hands and feet above your stomach and your center that is your heart.

Nevertheless, how is this beneficial to adjustable beds? Adjustable beds helps you position yourself in a comfortable way and any adjustable beds will allow you to have a zero gravity position for sleeping. Having no gravity in a sleeping position will always have its benefits.

Here are some:

  • Good breathing

If you snore or if you have some problems in sleeping, this will keep your airways open because there is no restrictions. If you do not hear yourself snoring, you get the sleep you truly deserve. This also helps with allergies, people who have asthma or other respiratory problems.

  • Decreases pain

Sleeping in a flat surface is hard for your back, but in a no gravity position, the pressure from your back will decrease, or in your neck preventing you from pain. The main reason why this position is founded is to help decrease the pressure your back tends to have.

  • Decreases swelling

Patients who are overweight, patients who are pregnant, and patients who has diabetes sometimes have swellings on their legs and feet. In this position, their body feels weightless and promotes good blood circulation all over their body.

  • Healthy heart

This positioning can help pump blood on your body more easily. Maintaining your heart in a healthy condition.

  • Acid reflux

Acid is not the greatest feeling ever, this will always make you feel uncomfortable and will not allow you to sleep peacefully. This sometimes give you heartburn. Keeping your upper body elevated prevents your acid from rising up to your esophagus, and with this position, you will have no acid reflux and not heartburn.