vacuum sealers

18 inch Vacuum Sealer

AIE-455va 18 inch Vacuum Sealer


20 inch Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush

AIE-SV20 20 inch Vacumm Sealer with Gas Flush


14 inch Vacuum Sealer with Air Compressor

AIE-355VAP 14 inch Vacuum Sealer with Air Compressor


24 inch Vacuum Sealer

AIE-605VA 24 inch Vacuum Sealer


Advantages of Chamber-Style Commercial Vacuum Sealers

A chamber-style commercial vacuum sealer produces a more reliable, consistent bag seal, which causes less rework, thus, promises higher productivity. It uses a chamber to remove air


Industrial Vacuum Sealers and Read to Eat Meals

Industrial vacuum sealers are more robust versions of the product one might have as a handheld kitchen appliance. Industrial vacuum sealers are purchased by a food manufacturer or a food reseller who has the need to store foods for a lengthy period