You Can Now Control Many Adjustable Beds From Your Phone

First there were smartphones, then smartwatches, smart TVs, and smart appliances. But have you ever heard of smart beds? This may sound bizarre, but it’s actually a big step forward in sleep technology, So, what is a smart bed? A smart bed is a smartphone-controlled adjustable bed. A remote-controlled adjustable bed is luxurious enough, but now you can also control it on your smartphone through an app.

What exactly is a smart bed?

The concept is still the same: it is an adjustable bed that is designed to lift the body is certain to make you feel comfortable while lying in your bed and help you get a better sleep position.

To explain it further, regular adjustable beds are comfortable enough. It is not just about lifting your head or your feet up and down or sideways, it is about adjusting your bed to the needs of your body. Instead of just lifting the upper half of your body, adjustable beds lift your head as well, without crowding your bed with more pillows, when you are reading a book or watching TV. These beds are like those in the hospital room, also give the same health benefits.

But this smart bed that technology gives us is way better. You can get a certain motor installed on your bed, depending on your wants and needs. You can install a charging port so you won’t need to stand up and go to the electrical outlet; you can just plug it right in your bed. You can also install built-in speakers if you want to blast that music right under your bed.

But the biggest innovation to these adjustable beds that made it upgrade into a smart bed is the fact that you can now connect it to the internet through an app, a smartphone control adjustable bed. You don’t need remote control anymore, you can now control it through your phone.

What are the features of a smart bed?

  • App integration

This is the feature that lets the smart bed connect to the internet and control other smart appliances or smart items at home.

  • Sleep tracker

This feature monitors your moves or activities as you are sleeping. It also monitors your heartbeat, respiration, if you are experiencing restfulness or restlessness, and other factors to determine how it can provide you a more comfortable sleep.

  • Self-making bed

A feature that you will turn on for your bed to arrange its bedding automatically by itself.

  • Air chambers

Pressure sensors were installed in the smart mattress, it inflates and adjusts to your body’s posture as you sleep.

  • Temperature control

A feature connected to the built-in thermostat in your smart bed, it allows you, or even your adjustable bed automatically, to regulate the temperature of the bed and adjust to your body’s temperature.