Replace Impulse Sealer Heat Element

Replace Impulse Sealer Heat Element

Impulse sealers are relatively low maintenance but occasionally you will need to replace the heating. element. The process is simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Buy a replacement kit consisting of a heating wire (nichrome wire) with eyelets attached and Teflon tape.

2. Replace the old Teflon tape on your impulse sealer by completely unscrewing one of the metal plates that hold the old tape in place. There are usually two screws holding in each plate. Loosen up the second plate so the tape can be removed.

3. Remove the heating wire by removing the screw that holds down the far end of the wire. After the screw is removed lift up the wire and remove it from the tensioner on the other end.

4. Take the new wire, attach one end to the tensioner and gently stretch it out until the other eyelet matches up with screw hole. Screw the wire into place.

5. Take the new Teflon tape and slide it into place under the loosened metal plate. Line it up evenly and lightly tighten the plate. Roll the tape over with the other metal plate and lightly tighten that plate into place. Gently rub the tape down toward toward the metal plates. Tighten the plates down the rest of the way.

6. Now seal down the impulse sealer once to give the tape a shot of heat and your repair is complete.

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