Impulse Heat Sealer

Impulse Heat Sealer

Heat sealers are most commonly used to seal various types of plastic bags. Polyethylene and polypropylene bags are the two most common types of bags, but other types of plastic can be sealed as well. Just make sure to check with the manufacturer first.

There are a few different variations of heat sealers and your packaging needs should be evaluated before choosing which one to buy. For smaller jobs and smaller bags, a hand held heat sealer can work great and they are very economical. Of course, you or your workers could get worn out pretty quickly if there is a large volume of bags to seal so a table top heat sealer might work out better. They come in different sizes varying from 4″ up to 32″ wide seals. The larger size sealers can be difficult to find so make sure you purchase one with plenty of time to complete your job.

There are foot operated impulse heat sealers available that free up both hands to handle the bags. These sealers come set up on a stand with a foot pedal that operates the sealing process. For larger bags this can really be beneficial. It also speeds up the bag sealing process even more than a table top sealer.

Automatic heat sealers are for large volume operations. They have controls that can be preset so the heating element is always applied at the same heat for the same length of time. They also come with a foot pedal to free up both hands and speed along the operation. They are a bit more expensive than the other sealers mentioned but time is money and an automatic bag sealer will save you a lot of time.

Some products like food and medical items need to be vacuum sealed to maintain freshness. That’s wear a vacuum heat sealer comes in. For home operations there are many cheap vacuum sealers available, but they do not hold up in an industrial environment. Commercial vacuum sealers are built to a much higher standard and again, are much quicker to use. The good news is that depending on the size, some of them are no more expensive than the ones made for home use. Of course, going with a larger or wider seal size or something really heavy duty like an automatic vacuum sealer will increase the cost.

Take a look around our website or contact us directly to find the heat sealer machine to suit your operation. We have more products and parts available than what is listed on our website.

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