Bag Sealer – Choosing The Right One

Bag Sealer – Choosing The Right One

Choosing the proper bag sealer is important to insure your business gets the functionality it needs. Bag sealers can save you and your company countless hours and headaches. There are a few things you need to consider before investing in one. How big is my operation and how quickly does it need to move? Will I need to remove excess plastic? How big will my bag be? Will my bag need to be vacuum sealed? The information below should help you make your decision.

The size of your poly bag is probably the first thing you need to figure out. First, measure the length, width, and height of the product. Give yourself half an inch to a full inch of extra length and width for ease of product insertion. The bigger the height of the product the more play you will need. Now that you have the bag size make sure the impulse sealer you purchase is at least an inch wider than your bag. Don’t buy a 12 inch sealer for a 12 inch bag!  It won’t work properly.

Now determine if your bag needs to be a precise size. If so, you will probably want to purchase an impulse sealer with a cutter attached. The cutter can be used to trim off the excess plastic to cut your bag down to the size you need. Being able to seal and cut in one fluid motion will save you time and make your life that much easier.

Will your bag need to be vacuum sealed? That should be a pretty simple question to answer. Is it a food item or a medical situation? Then your bag might need to be vacuum sealed. If so, then you will want to purchase a vacuum sealer. Sometimes, especially in medical applications, it’s necessary to insure that absolutely no air is in the bag. If that is the situation, then consider a gas flush vacuum sealer.

Now, how big is your operation and how quickly do you want to be able to move? The faster, easier, and bigger you want to do things, the more expensive things get. For basic operations a standard hand/table top impulse sealer will work great. If you would like to insure both hands are free during the sealing process, step up to a foot sealer. These have a pedal that hands down to the floor that you press with your foot to start the sealing process. This allows you to use both hands to handle the bags and speeds things up. If you really want to get things moving, take the next step to an automatic impulse sealer. These give you a hands free sealing operation with programmable settings and higher sealing power.

You should now be on your way to determining the bag sealer you need.

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  1. Ben Zeller says:

    I’m looking for a way to seal my cello bags. The largest bag is 5″ Wide by 12″ tall and is gusseted. I don’t need to do any trimming just seal the back closed to sell. What would you recommend?

  2. admin says:

    Cello bags require a constant heat seal. Impulse sealers do not work. We have two options for you and both are in stock. An economical 6″ hand held sealer with high and low temp settings and a more versatile 8″ foot pedal sealer with full temperature control. Go to our contact us page and call for more details.

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