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Industrial Vacuum Sealers and Read to Eat Meals

Industrial vacuum sealers are more robust versions of the product one might have as a handheld kitchen appliance. Industrial vacuum sealers are purchased by a food manufacturer or a food reseller who has the need to store foods for a lengthy period

Advantages of Chamber-Style Commercial Vacuum Sealers

A chamber-style commercial vacuum sealer produces a more reliable, consistent bag seal, which causes less rework, thus, promises higher productivity. It uses a chamber to remove air

Hand-Operated Impulse Sealers: Low-Cost and Portability

and-operated impulse sealers are inexpensive and portable machines used to seal polyethylene, polypropylene (poly bags), PVC, polyester, polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, aluminum foil coated bags

Purchasing Poly Bag Sealers: Special Features and Options

Poly bag sealers are a flexible solution for sealing mono- and multiple-layered, thermoplastic materials such as, polyethylene or polypropylene (poly bags), polyvinyl, polyolefin, and laminations.

Impulse Sealers: Low Maintenance and High Return on Investment

For heat sealers, the cost of maintenance is negligible when compared to other types of packaging equipment. Calculating the total cost of ownership from initial capital outlay to return on investment (ROI) cannot be fully determined without taking into account maintenance costs, both preventative and corrective. For impulse sealers, the cost of maintenance is negligible […]

Impulse Sealers for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Medical impulse sealers, also called sanitary sealers, are engineered with enhanced process control, user interface functionality, and seal validation capability required for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries

Reduce Total Manufacturing Costs with Automatic Impulse Sealers

Most automatic impulse sealers are flexible machines with increased sealing capabilities that can be set up for both semi-automated operation via a foot pedal control and unassisted automatic operation.

Impulse Heat Sealer

Heat sealers are most commonly used to seal various types of plastic bags. Polyethylene and polypropylene bags are the two most common types of bags, but other types of plastic can be sealed as well.

Bag Sealer - Choosing The Right One

Choosing the proper bag sealer is important to insure your business gets the functionality it needs. Bag sealers can save you and your company countless hours and headaches. There are a few things you need to consider before investing in one.

Replace Impulse Sealer Heat Element

Impulse sealers are relatively low maintenance but occasionally you will need to replace the heating. element. The process is simple. Just follow the steps below: 1. Buy a replacement kit consisting of a heating wire (nichrome wire) with eyelets attached and Teflon tape. 2. Replace the old Teflon tape on your impulse sealer by completely […]