Hi my name is Poly, I’m an interior designer and freelance contractor who specializes on making the most out of your own personal space at home – and most often it involves the place where you can’t deny spending most of your time on – your bedroom.

With the onset of modern technology and smart computing, the things we have at home that we usually take for granted are slowly becoming integrated with these innovations that once was only a dream during the last three decades – I always love it when people suddenly ask “Who knew?” – because who knew that one day our very bed would become “smart” and would make it even more enticing to lie on, to a point that we don’t want to get off it anymore.

Smart and adjustable beds are becoming a thing, and my fascination for these awesome innovative pieces of furniture has brought me to creating this website. Here I write about things you may like to know about smart and adjustable beds, I do my best to cover everything including reviews and recommendations.

Best of all, I’ve partnered with some awesome brands that can get you a discount or special freebies on items that I will feature here and also on this site’s social media channels – so make sure you have followed, liked and subscribed to those as well.