PlushBeds S755 Adjustable Bed Review

PlushBeds S755 Split-King Adjustable Bed

Who produces the PlushBeds S755 adjustable bed?

Michael Hughes is the PlushBeds Founder & CEO. His dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the fairly young age of 40 years. It was this tragic experience that forced Michael to enter the mattress market and to produce a toxin free mattress so that he could provide not only his family but also other American families with healthy and sleep options.

What is the PlushBeds S755 adjustable bed?

According to the adjustable bed review by Bedroom Solutions, PlushBeds S755 is the most luxurious adjustable bed of the modern era. It has every single feature you can expect to have on an adjustable bed in the 21st century, and more. PlushBeds is manufactured by Malouf who has 4 different models of adjustable beds known as E255, E455, M555 and S755. Obviously, the E255 is the most basic model while the S755 is the most advanced bed frame out of the lot.

Pros and cons of the PlushBeds S755 Ultra Ergonomic Adjustable Bed Base

Why it’s the most luxurious adjustable bed of all?

According to the official website, this is the “The ultimate in ergonomic support and relaxation”. The S755 has all the advanced adjustable bed features such as wall hugging ( PlushBeds calls it Reach Assist), lumbar support, pillow tilting, advanced vibrational massage features, sleek and luxurious furniture style decking, under bed lighting, programmable memory positions, up to five factory preset memory positions (Zero Gravity, Lounge, Anti Snore, TV watching, and Flat presets), under bed storage compatibility, and a motion sensing remote controller, and dozens of other fancy features.

The complementary features of the S755 adjustable frame

In addition to the specs discussed earlier, the S755 comes with a 10-year warranty when it is fully covered during the 1st year followed by the limited warranty over the next 9 years. In the early days, adjustable bed frames usually had 4 legs. Modern adjustable beds like the plush beds S755 are equipped with 6 legs. The S755 has a leg up on the other models has its legs height adjustable. In other words, if someone wishes to keep the bed as close to the floor as possible, he or she can shorten the legs down to 3 inches. This can be very useful for people with short statures. On the other hand, if you’re very tall, you can have the legs as tall as 8 inches.

The S755 also has a child safety lock which is really rare among modern adjustable bed frames. Arguably one of the most popular features of this adjustable bed base is the Malouf Base™ app which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Although almost all adjustable bed manufacturers include Bluetooth connected smartphone Like this, most are buggy. In contrast, the Malouf Base™ app is supposedly bug free according to most Consumer Reports and bedroom solutions. In addition, the high-tech remote controller allows you to control the bed using touch or Siri voice commands. It also allows you to set up automatic snore detection and corrective pillow tilting as an anti-snore option. As far as we are aware, the S755 is the only adjustable bed that has this option.

Similar to most adjustable beds, the S755 also has 2 USB ports on either side of the bed so that you and your partner can charge your phone, iPad or any other smart device while you sleep.


In summary, there is hardly anything wrong with this adjustable bed base other than its price. This S755 starts at $2450 for twin XL size and $4500 for a split king adjustable base. If you have the money, it’s totally worth it given that it has all the basic and advanced features, is manufactured and sold by US-based company backed by an excellent customer service, and it has the best and neatest upholstery finishes.

Last but not least, enjoy the video below and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.